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Letters · from · Mars

2012 Fic Round-Up!

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Total stories: 40 (including shorts)
Total word count: 103,568
Average word count per story: 2589
Average word count per month: 10,356
Longest story: Fifty Pound Draw. 30,336 words
Shortest story: I honestly have no idea. Probably the 3-sentence AUs.
Fandoms: 1
Pairings: 7 But let’s be honest, almost all of them are C/C

My favorite story of mine this year: Almost definitely “Fifty Pound Draw”. It’s the kind of story that I really love to read, and I’m still a little impressed with myself that I actually wrote it.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: I really think “I am stretched on your grave” is a lot more interesting than it gets credit for, but high concepts do not make for high hit counts. That, and people tend to avoid stories tagged with “character death”.

Most fun story: ”Story Time with Thor”, hands down. Though I’d say “Better Living with Finer Suits” runs a close second.

Most sexy story: Sadly, that would probably have to be “every inch the warrior”, because, as creepy and squick-inducing as it is, it’s still pretty sexy.

Story with single sweetest moment: ”Yeah, well, you’re my hero” at the end of “Story Time with Thor”.

Most unintentionally *telling* story: ”Tag and Release”, to the point that I sometimes feel a little uncomfortable knowing that it’s out there for people to read.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Weirdly enough, that would probably be “Captain America is not a Republican”, which I wrote in, like, an hour to make me feel better about the general state of dickery in the world. The fic itself and the discussions in the comments made me think a lot about the context of the characters, both in-universe and as figures in popular media.

Biggest disappointment: I honestly with the “Story Time with Thor” audio play had been better received. A lot of work went into making it, and I think the final result was really cool.

Biggest surprise: Everything. Like, actually every fucking thing that has happened to me in fandom since April 23rd. I came from LJ-centered fandoms, where I was thrilled to get more than five comments on a story. (I think the most I ever got was 16?) Then suddenly I’m on the AO3, writing the #2 pairing in the biggest, fastest-growing fandom on the internet, and people are reading my stories. I just about keeled over from shock when “One Two Punch” hit 100 kudos, and now “Fifty Pound Draw” has over 600? I just... WHAT. More than anything, though, I think I’ve surprised myself. I’ve written more consistently and more prolifically than I ever have before, and I haven’t posted a single story that I’m not proud of. I’ve done better than I ever expected to, both in terms of popularity and my own writing, and the next year is shaping up to be even better.

Hardest story to write: Technically, “Fifty Pound Draw”, because of the length and the amount of action and plot. Emotionally, “Tag and Release”.

Easiest story to write: Probably “Captain America is not a Republican”. Dealing with the fallout was another issue.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most:”Story Time with Thor”, because this year was about Phil and Clint and their epic love.

Better Living Through Finer Suits. MCU, gen. 1973 words

One Two Punch. MCU, Steve/Tony, Phil/Clint. 1754 words
With your pretty mouth. MCU, Natasha/girl!Clint, AU. 988 words

every inch the warrior. MCU, Loki/Clint. 1083 words
Story Time with Thor. MCU, Phil/Clint. 3824 words

Tag and Release. MCU, Phil/Clint. 5352 words

Fifty Pound Draw. MCU, Phil//Clint. 30336 words

Welcome to the Family. MCU, Phil/Clint, Ororo/Kurt, AU. 2399 words
I am stretched on your grave. MCU/616, Phil/Clint, AU. 1771 words

Captain America is Not a Republican. MCU, gen. 2009 words

A Thing Worth Doing. MCU, Phil/Clint. 3835 words
Warm Up. (for AvengersFest) MCU, Phil/Clint. 4447 words

Five Photos of Clint Barton. 635 words
Chrysopoeia. 21877 words
Waiting Room. 4858 words
Double Shot. 2439 words
Friendly Fire. 6080 words

Drabbles and prompt fic [23 stories]
Marvel Miscellany. MCU, various. 7908 words

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